Osteo Punch by Koros USA

Osteo Punch Rongeur The Famous Koros Product

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our unrivaled 360-degree rotating Osteo Punch rongeur. Praised worldwide and used in nearly every hospital in North America, Koros USA’s patented and trademarked Osteo Punch Rongeur is crafted for precision. 

Designed with the surgeons comfort in mind it’s easy to adjust the 360-degree rotation and precise cutting edge makes it superior to any rongeur on the market. Praised for its versatility, the removable cutting shaft can be easily disassembled for quick and effortless cleaning of the complete shaft.

It’s lightweight aluminum handle and stainless steel construction allow for lasting quality throughout the years. The ambidextrous release system accommodates both left or right-handed surgeons. 

With a full spectrum of lengths available in 7”, 8”, and 9” inches and tips ranging from 0.6mm up to 5mm wide cutting tip allows full customization for your surgical needs. Also available in 40 degrees or 90-degree angle tip.

When you think of quality craftsmanship, turn to Koros USA for your surgical instrument needs.